Public Meetings

First Public Meeting Held

The first public meeting was held Thursday, February 23, 2023, from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. This meeting acquainted attendees with the scope, purpose, and schedule of the Compatible Use Implementation process, provided an overview of each of the tasks and deliverables for the project, and solicited key input from attendees.

Up to three public meetings will be held during the project, corresponding with key project milestones. These meetings will be widely publicized using the full array of communication methods. Elected officials and public outreach offices from Nellis CU Implementation partner communities will be enlisted to help advertise the public meetings and promote the importance of participation through their community contact lists, social media sites, and other venues. Summaries of the input received during these meetings will be posted on this website.

Public Meeting #1

This first meeting will acquaint the public with the scope, purpose, and schedule of the CU Implementation process and the work completed to date.

Public Meeting #2

The second meeting will be held to inform the public of draft documents and request feedback. The primary goal of this meeting is gathering meaningful input from the public and other Nellis CU Implementation stakeholders through a variety of methods.

Public Meeting #3

The third public meeting will take place toward the end of the project with the goal of informing participants about and collecting feedback on the public CU Implementation draft and other project deliverables, which will include informational brochures and flyers, implementation documents, and more.

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