Public Participation Opportunities

Public Meetings

Three public meetings will be conducted at key points throughout this project. Each meeting is anticipated to include a formal presentation and / or meeting activity.

As meeting dates and locations are set, information and meeting materials will be posted on the website. As the project progresses, links to the agendas and materials from previous meetings will also be posted for easy access and follow-up review. All project materials will remain on the website for the duration of the project.

  • Meeting #1: Kickoff

    The first public meeting will explain the purpose and function of the JLUS and the nature of military operations at Nellis Complex, introduce project participants, share the JLUS approach, and discuss the goals of the JLUS. This meeting will begin with a presentation to the public, followed by a working session where attendees will be invited and encouraged to share their input on potential compatibility issues. Attendees will be able to provide input through interactive voting systems that allow for immediate response viewing and tracking, and they may engage in small group discussions with the JLUS team.
  • Meeting #2: Mid-term

    The purpose of this meeting will be to present the compatibility issues and draft recommendations that have been developed in committee meetings and public workshops. The meeting will involve a formal presentation and an interactive exercise to solicit input on the recommended strategies for resolving issue impacts and conflicts for the Nellis Complex JLUS. Matrix will also facilitate small group discussions about how best to resolve community.
  • Meeting #3: Final

    The purpose of the third public meeting will be to present the Draft JLUS documents and recommendations to attendees for public review. The public in attendance will be encouraged to provide feedback during the meeting via comment cards, after the meeting through the project website, or by email to the Clark County JLUS Project Manager.

Copyright © 2018, Matrix Design Group, Inc. This study was prepared under contract with Clark County, Nevada, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the key JLUS partners involved in the development of this study and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.

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