JLUS Committee Overview

Who Will Guide the Development of the JLUS?

Two committees, comprising city, county, military, and other stakeholders will guide the development of the JLUS. These committees are:

Policy Committee (PC)

This committee includes elected officials who represent the various jurisdictions in the JLUS Study Area, as well as federal and state agency officials, and military leadership. The PC is responsible for direction of the JLUS and for monitoring the adoption and implementation of policies and strategies. Throughout the JLUS process, the PC will work with the appointed JLUS staff members representing the multiple local organizations.

Technical Committee (TC)

This group contains representatives from local jurisdictions, agencies, and the military, as well as other stakeholders with expertise in one or more of the 25 compatibility factors that will be assessed throughout the JLUS process. The TC identifies and addresses technical issues, provides feedback on report development, and assists in the development and evaluation of implementation strategies.

Copyright © 2018, Matrix Design Group, Inc. This study was prepared under contract with Clark County, Nevada, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the key JLUS partners involved in the development of this study and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.

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