Project Documents

Documents related to the project will be published here as the project progresses, including meeting materials, draft documents, maps, and other items.

Meeting Materials. Meeting materials include all of the materials that are provided to attendees of the Policy and Technical Committee meetings and public meetings, as well as copies of the presentations that facilitated meeting discussions and exercises.

Fact Sheets. During the development of the JLUS, three newsletters will be prepared to keep the community up-to-date at significant points in the development of the JLUS. Matrix will develop three newsletters, or fact sheets, during the JLUS process in order to keep community residents up-to-date regarding project development. Check back for the latest fact sheet!

Documents / Reports. Documents and reports that are prepared as part of the planning process will be made available in a Documents / Reports folder.

Maps. Summary maps that are prepared for certain tasks during the JLUS process will be shared through the Online library as PDFs. Other maps pertaining to the JLUS study area, the land use assessment, and compatibility factors can be found in the Draft and Final JLUS reports, once published.

Fact Sheets

Meeting Materials

Copyright © 2018, Matrix Design Group, Inc. This study was prepared under contract with Clark County, Nevada, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the key JLUS partners involved in the development of this study and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.

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